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I love love love my hair!  Everyday, I get compliment after compliment.  Thanks so much.  I'll be back as soon as necessary to keep it looking this great!  As promised, it is really easy to do - as low maint as I could hope for - and still have it look this nice.  I am a VERY happy customer!
Thanks a heap!
Brenda P.

I love my hair..
Lots of compliments
And it only takes me about 10 minutes in the morning...
Monica K.

We loved the service we received at your spa!  ..amazing staff that makes everyone feel special, in a relaxed and friendly environment.  My 13 year old daughter and I went to the spa.  As part of her birthday gift, she had a pedicure, while I had an eyebrow waxing.  My daughter is enjoying her ‘new’ toes and feet and I appreciated  the technician explaining how to properly have my eyebrows shaped and fill in.  We will return.  Thanks for making our trip to your spa a great experience!
Sandra S.

Just wanted to say how much I really loved getting my hair done at the Sunday Morning salonspa. It was a nice relaxed atmosphere and such courteous and natural service. My hair has never felt softer and more luxurious before. Usually the hair color burns my scalp and sets off my allergies, but I had no problems at all. (Plus had quite a few compliments on my hair - someone even said it made me look younger!!)
Can't wait for my next appointement!
Karen D.

The concept rocks, and the execution of the concept exceeded my expectations. Great products are a great start, but my stylists' expertise with the scissors sealed the deal for me. Lovely space in a hip location ... a winning combination!
Sunday Morning fulfilled a long-time need of mine.
Looking forward to my next trip in.
Deanna L
Light Living

Just great! Love the concept of the place, love the consultation and loved the service! I will refer your services for sure as well as return myself!  
Sarah P.

I was in for a cut and color this month and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the services. 
My hair turned out better than I could have expected and I absolutely love the products my stylist recommended to me. 
Thank you again, I will be sure to pass on referrals and I look forward to my next appointment!
Jillian B

I love love love my hair!  Everyday, I get compliment after compliment.  Thanks so much.  I'll be back as soon as necessary to keep it looking this great!  As promised, it is really easy to do - as low maint as I could hope for - and still have it look this nice.  I am a VERY happy customer!
Thanks a heap!
Brenda P

I have never left a salon or spa completely satisfied with my facial waxing.  They always leave little hairs and don't seem to be able to get all of the hair out.  I have never been happier when I left your salon after having my upper lip waxed. 
Thanks a bunch,
Shirina E

Then: I first discovered this wonderful salon via the newspaper. They are so terrific. I never let just anyone do my hair because of its curl. Thus when I discovered the products were Organic and Eco-friendly I had to try it.  My hair has never been this healthy.I now let them do whatever they think would be good for my hair and style as well. It’s great. First time and every time after having my hair done, I have ALWAYS been so thrilled and satisfied with how it turns out. Though I've been going here for a short time I definitely recommend this salon to everyone. Thanks. So glad you’re in my neighborhood.
Betty P

Now: What a super and beautiful change to the new location. So open and inviting.  Always a joy to go there to be treated like you are the most important person there.  Each person is treated like that. I would recommend this place to everyone that needs some pampering with products that are not only great for the environment but also healthy for you. 
Best wishes in the new place and you’ll do GREAT.
Looking forward to my next visit as always,

This past spring, I noticed a sign on the sidewalk about an Organic Pedicure. 

I walked in to ask what that meant and upon hearing that all products (and here is where I was surprised) even the nail polish was vegan.  I came in for my first pedicure for my Birthday and although I don’t have the most beautiful feet, I felt so comfortable.  She was so personable, that I found it very easy to chat with her.  She gave me a tip on how to keep my feet feeling smooth, and it works!  She did such an awesome job, even adding little stickers, and the polish actually lasted longer than other non-organic polishes.  I have since been for three more pedicures and have my fourth one booked as well.  I was so impressed with Sunday Morning & the staff, that when my friend from Québec came to visit, when she said she’d never had a pedicure because she dreaded showing her feet, I knew just where to take her.  She raved about her beautiful feet for the duration of her visit in Saskatoon. 

Thank you Sunday Morning SalonSpa, for the awesome service & great, healthy products you sell!

Isabelle M   

I am thrilled with Sunday Morning Salon & Spa, especially because it is all natural, organic products !! The staff are amazing lovable women who care about the whole person. I have had hair coloring done there which is great (no chemical smell like other places), and the nail care are better than any I've had.   I highly recommend you try it out :)

WOW! This perm is so soft and easy on my hair. It is the first time I have ever thought that this could be what naturally curly hair feels like! It's in the same condition as before the perm. I have actually had to adjust my post perm styling as I was used to it being on the dryer side! My first shampoo was in a lake at a friend's acreage over the weekend! Great initiation for such an awesome perm!
Loretta I

I am always 100% satisfied with my haircuts and hairstyle.  The new organic products are wonderful; I can't wait to start using all of them. Thanks to Sunday Morning I always have an up-to-date haircut and style and the chemical-free hair colors are great! I love it!
Edie H

Sunday Morning Salon has skilled professionals, whose creativity, hands and assuredness in handling your hair and their scissors are tops. Their vision to go green and preserve our health and well being is the way of the future.
Antoinette M

This new organic hair color and product makes me feel like a hair model. 
Vanessa H

The social awareness of this concept to open an Eco salon & spa is something that will be the norm of the future.
Efren P Jr.
Starlab Recording-Solarenergy Music Recording

What great products and wonderful service! As a pregnant mother who cares what products get absorbed by my skin, I was really impressed with the ingredients used in Sunday Morning's products.They use high quality oils and Vitamin E as a preservative and are scented with luscious blends of essential oils. The staff at Sunday Morning even knew which products and essential oils were suitable for use during pregnancy.
Elize P

I am extremely please with my results and will be continuing to use the services at Sunday Morning SalonSpa!
The staff is professional and dedicated to excellence, two qualities that are hard to find but keep you coming back for more! 

My next services are already booked!
Alison M.

Now: My hair is the colour of my memory which is no easy thing to nail thanks to my stylist.  All the staff make my visits a pleasure as well. I am made to feel welcome which is healing and relaxing in itself. I look forward to my future sessions.
Sincerely, Joanne O. S.


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